Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Haircuts!

I have been wanting a different haircut for awhile I've been growing out my bangs so that I could try something new. Mom and Dad gave me some money for my birthday (I know that was awhile ago...takes awhile before a stay-at-home mom can arrange for such things! :-), so on Thursday I finally was able to go. Once Hope figured out what I was going to do, she wanted her hair cut too! After a LONG discussion of what a haircut means (Permanent...can't glue it back on!) we compromised on the length. She wanted it as short as mine, yikes!! 4 inches later...and A LOT less money than Mommy's!...

Before...(Mommy and Daddy love her long hair)

Holding some of cut off chunks!

The new length!

Jen's new look


Mary NElson said...

I like the new hairdo!! Pretty hip for a Mom of 4. I love the pictures you send. Even thought I have not met the twins and Joy in person, I feel like I have! Happy Spring!!

The Duncan Family said...

LOVE your hair!!!! Sorry it took me so long to leave a comment. I am trying to do better at leaving little comments. :)