Saturday, April 11, 2009

Horse and Tractor Rides

For a long time, the kids have been too scared to ride the horses, but lately they have shown some interest. In fact, while we were at the zoo, Nolan saw the zebras and said, "I ride!" So one evening after Guy had been working outside cleaning up the tree mess, he came in to get the kids for a tractor ride. Well, that also turned into a horseback ride! :-) All 3 (Joy is not quite ready!) loved both and didn't want to go in even though they were cold and it was getting dark. Grace and Nolan even liked when they got to trot a little...their little faces were in the biggest smiles!

Grace and Daddy on Dolly
Nolan is all grins!
Hope's turn

Hope and Daddy take a ride in the pasture around one of many burn piles!

Nolan is just a LITTLE excited about getting to ride the tractor!

Mommy even got to take a turn driving!

Grace was all smiles until she had to get off...similar reaction to having to get off a carousel!

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