Monday, July 20, 2009

Joy 30 -35 weeks

Joy is growing up so quickly. She loves sitting up now and grabbing anything and everything she can get her hands on!

35 weeks
34 weeks-first time swimming

33 weeks-Father's Day

32 Weeks-just too cute!
31 weeks
30 weeks

July 4th Fun

July 4th is always fun...we have a church fellowship time the Wednesday before...lots of food, volleyball, egg toss, balloon toss and of course fireworks. Then on the 4th, we went to the Springdale parade and then that night hung out with the Chamlees to do sparklers and watch some more fireworks. Nolan tossing Daddy and egg...that silly egg didn't break until after the fireworks!
Hope doing the egg toss
Volleyball fun
Twin hugs
Nolan enjoying the fireworks...he kept asking for more!
Grace liked them too
All dressed up for the parade
Waiting for the parade
Our cute little cowgirl
Hope having sparkler fun Nolan's first sparkler
Grace's sparkler

Garden/Outside Fun

We have been enjoying the outdoors at our house. Here are some pics of the kids playing and also some of our garden.
Grace and Nolan cooking me a meal in their playhouseHope and Joy on the swings
Hope going down the sprinkler slide...Grace and Nolan not too crazy about it as you can tell!
Slip and Slide...again Hope was the only participant!
Grace getting her shoes back on
Nolan loved to supervise
We love to have lunch on the picnic table
Our cucumber and squash garden that has gone CRAZY!
The main garden
Now just waiting on the veggies!

Minnesota Trip

We got to travel to MN at the end of June...unfortunately it was not just a family visit, but as to attend my grandmother's funeral. She is with Jesus now and no longer in pain for which we are grateful. On a lighter note, we got to spend time up at Chad and Jackie's house, Dad and Mom's house and also Kyle and Coralie's house. Needless to say, Guy got real good at unpacking and packing the Yukon!! So here are some photos from the trip...not in the right order, but I'm just trying to get caught up! :-)
Aunt Coralie and Nolan Uncle Kyle and Daddy with all the kiddos for bedtime devotions together.
Guy and I with our precious nephew, Jesse and Matthew (and Hope).
Our traditional cousin picture...minus Maya and Elijah
Joy meeting her Great Grandpa and Grandma Peterson
Joy enjoying Daddy's arm at the Rochesterfest parade
The Durkee fam at Oxbow Park/Zoo
Jesse and Joy
Dad and Mom have this fun roller coaster toy...Nolan and Hope LOVED it!!
Going to the man-made beach with Chad, Jackie, Maya and Elijah (Chad, Jackie and Maya in the background)
Joy's first swim!
Grace, Nolan and Matthew attempting to play tether ball
Kids cooling off in Chad and Jackie's back yard
Are we there yet??
Are we there yet?? Take 2!
Playing in Papa and Grammy's sandbox

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The end of another Awana year

We finished another year of Awana. Hope had a great time being a Cubbie again this year. Getting her awards from Commander Mommy! :-)
Guy got to baptize one of our T & T girls!!

Ms. Jerry Ann and Grace during the ceremony
Mrs. Sarah and her son Robby took care of Joy during the ceremony

Hope standing in line waiting for a balloon during our celebration time
Nolan enjoying his cookie!
Cookie time for Hope