Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lights at the Square

On the way home from Mamaw and Grandpa Jack's house, we stopped by the Fayetteville Square to see the beautiful lights.
Of course they have a Razorback!
Our cute kids

Hope wanted to take our picture...not too bad for a 4 year old!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was full of excitement, too!
Tammy made these stockings for me for Christmas, and I sewed on our names. It was fun to have matching stockings for Christmas this year...thanks Tammy!

Hope got Princess dominoes

Princess Grace

Nolan got some hot wheels
After it was all said and done, Grace still was hogging Nolan's cars...at least she has on a crown this time and not his ball cap!

Christmas Eve

We opened presents from our family and Papa Durkee on Christmas Eve. As you can see from the above photo, Nolan, our little ham, was ready!! Grace turned into a little tomboy in the last week, so Nolan's baseball cap is a permanent fixture on her head these days (yes, even to bed when we don't want to fight the battle!). Anyway, we had a fun evening together as all 3 LOVED ripping into the wrapping paper. Joy looked on from her nearby bouncy seat. :-)

Hope was super excited about her princess tea cart from Daddy and Mommy.

Our cute Grace and a present from Papa.

Nolan's "cheese!" grin...including a little supper leftovers..yucky!

Nolan had to hang on to his ball for the rest of the evening (including while he opened the rest of his presents) in fear that Grace would try and take it away! I guess Daddy and Mommy really goofed up buying her a purse and tea set...all she wanted were Nolan's trucks and balls!!

Joy getting her present from Daddy and Mommy

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visiting Santa

We got to go back to Branson this last week with Guy's mom. She, too, loves to go to Silver Dollar City to see all the beautiful lights. While we were there we got to see Santa. We didn't go last year because Hope was still scared of him, but she was willing to try this year. So Nolan got to go first. He completely surprised me at how willing he was to sit there PLUS have a "Nolan" coversation with him!

When I went to pick Nolan up, Santa told me, "He says he wants a truck and a ball." I said, "Sounds about right!" I guess Nolan knew what he was doing!

Next was Hope...still a little shy, but she managed a smile and to tell Santa she loves anything princess.

Then Joy got her first picture taken with Santa...and I couldn't ask for a better one! Santa was so sweet...he even gave her a kiss!

Then came Grace and she was NOT happy about this!! Santa tried to pout with her, but all she wanted was back into her own Daddy's arms. :-)
All of us in front of the HUGE tree

2008 Christmas Programs

Our kids got to be a part of a couple different Christmas programs at church this year. On Sunday morning last week, our choir performed a Christmas Cantata (Guy was a part of this too). Hope got to be an angel that did a little dance routine to one of the songs.

Here she comes!
Hope doing her performance

Later on that evening the kids involved in Sunday School and Awana performed a Christmas play. Hope was an angel and the twins got to be barnyard animals. (That way it didn't matter if they wandered around on the stage!) They did really well though and actually hardly moved.

The host of angels
Mary, Joseph, Jesus (no that is not Joy!), and the barnyard animals. Nolan is the horse and Grace is the cow.
The whole group
Our little actors...Ashley, do you recognize the cow outfit? You gave it to me for Hope years ago!! :-)

A Short Trip to Branson

We found a last minute opening at our time share in Branson so we decided to take it. We got some Christmas shopping done, enjoyed all the beautiful lights at the Branson Landing and just had some fun family time together. We always go to Silver Dollar City when we go to Branson because we have season passes, but they weren't open. So it was fun to go and see some different things around the city this time. The Landing was almost empty so the kids had fun walking by themselves...or should I say running by themselves!

All of us in front of the beautiful Christmas tree

Guy was so excited to see the General Lee! His comment, "Jimmy, eat your heart out!" :-)

Our Growing Joy

Joy is growing like crazy! She is 8 weeks old today already! Here are some pictures from the last month...she's been smiling since 5 weeks, but she is all huge grins now! 5 weeks old
6 weeks old

6 1/2 weeks old

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joy's Dedication

We had the opportunity to dedicate Joy to the Lord last Sunday, November 16th. Our good friend, Mike, shared a short message, Scripture and prayer for Joy. It was very special. It was also special because my parents, Guy's mom and her husband, Jack and Guy's sister, Tammy were all able to be with us. It is our prayer for Joy and all our kids that we raise them the way that God would want us to and that they will one day accept Jesus into their own hearts.

Fall Fun

Well Joy is now 3 weeks old and I'm adjusting to life with 4 kids! Needless to say, the blog has gotten shoved to the bottom of my priority list, but I'm taking a little time today to post some pictures of what we have been up to. My mom was here for 3 weeks to help me out and I'm so grateful for her extra set of hands. Dad was here to drop her off and then pick her up. While she and Dad were here we had Halloween, including pumpkin carving and trick or treating, and some leaf jumping moments.

Papa and Grammy jumping in the leaves with the kids
3 days after Joy was born, Mommy still had to be apart of the pumpkin carving!
Our cute little trick or treaters!!
Daddy, Max and the kids enjoying the leaves and the fall weatherMommy and Joy have fun watchingHope LOVES this time of year...just like her Mommy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Bundle of JOY is here!

Our little girl arrived exactly 2 weeks early according to her actual due date, but she is strong and healthy! Joy Brooklyn Durkee weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and is 20 1/4 inches long. I was scheduled to have her a few days early by c-section due to my previous one with the twins, but she had her own ideas! For once this delivery had nothing to do with high blood pressure either. I simply went into labor on my own and got to experience contractions not induced by any medication. We actually had to rush to the hospital as my contractions were down to 3 minutes apart. We arrived a little before 6 am and she was born at 7:14 am. Needless to say, they wasted no time! Since this all didn't go "as planned" we have a lot of people to thank as they stepped in to help take care of our other 3 children. Our good friend, Debbie, took our call at 5 am and came over to stay at the house until noon. (Thanks for taking on my dirty kitchen...the one I planned on cleaning that morning!!) Jerry Ann, another friend from church, came over from noon until Guy went home to put them bed for the night. Cathy also came after work to help out. And while all this is going on, my parents quickly packed up, Dad wrapped up bids at work, and took off in the car to get here by 9 pm that night. They graciously jumped in and took on all 3 kids until Wednesday afternoon when Guy and I and Joy got home. Guy's mom unfortunately got sick or else she would have been here as well. Anyway, we are now home and adjusting to life with another baby. At times it feels like a 3 ringed circus, but we are so thankful for God's miracles, his control and his perfect timing...even when it doesn't seem perfect to us. Thanks for all your prayers and your continued prayers. We couldn't be happier and feel more blessed!
Our Joy
Mommy's first time holding Joy
A very happy Daddy with his kids
Mommy and Joy
Daddy and Joy

Ready to go home

Mommy and Daddy are ready to go home too!

At home, Nolan, Grace and Hope can't wait to kiss their little sister!