Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joy 24-29 weeks

Ok, so it's been forever since I've updated our blog! So here's a whole month and a half worth! Don't stop after reading this entry....scroll down until you hit our trip to Branson with the Chamlees...that's where I started updating today! You can tell it's spring here and we've been outside a lot. I haven't spent much time on the computer and none on scrapbooking...oh well. It is just too nice outside and I have too much to do! :-) So here's our last month in blog form. Let's start with Joy's she is from weeks 24 to 29...
24 kisses to Daddy
24 weeks...enjoying the porch swing together
25 weeks-loves to sit up as much as she can...getting close to doing it all by herself
26 weeks-Joy's one of a kind smile...she lives up to her name!
27 weeks - Now that she knows how to roll, she has become a belly sleeper
27 weeks- Snuggles with Nolan
with Grace
Kisses for Hope
28 weeks- going down the slide with Hope
29 weeks- playing with her toy in bed...she now knows how to move all over this crib!
29 weeks -Sitting up by herself!


After having LOTS of rainy days in the past couple of weeks, we decided to enjoy our gorgeous sunny day by blowing bubbles! The twins hadn't done this yet, so they had fun eating more than blowing (ugh!) as I tried to show them how to do it. Lots of laughs and memories!

Razorback Baseball

We had been wanting to go to a baseball game for Guy's birthday, but it got rained out. So finally on May 15th, we were able to take in a game. They even had fireworks afterwards! Hope talked Daddy into getting popcorn...her favorite part of the game next to calling the Hogs!
I couldn't believe how well the kids sat during the game...I guess we have a house full of sports lovers! Here Nolan is sharing his hat with Joy.
Joy's first Razorback game!

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day thanks to my hubby and kids! Guy surprised me with beautiful roses and a fun new shirt, Hope made me a beautiful picture and card and the kids gave me 3 new rose bushes for my flower bed. Later, Georgia, Jack and Tammy met us at church and then spent the rest of the day with us. I made us pizza for lunch, but Guy made us a yummy steak dinner later.

Guy's birthday and a Mexican Fiesta!

On May 2, we had a Mexican Fiesta at church. We had great food and the kids had a great time breaking the pinata. Hope and Nolan loved every chance they had to swing and take a hit. Grace, on the other hand, didn't want a thing to do with it! You'll see her expression as you scroll down...I was also able to surprise Guy with a birthday cake! Happy 35th Babe!
Hope taking her turn
Grace wanted Mom to hold her instead!
Nolan proved that he wants to be a ball player!
Guy's cake
Baseball themed of course!
The twins found a place to sit and I couldn't resist taking their picture!
Hope made her Daddy a pen holder for his desk
Guy's excited about his Alan Jackson book
Guy with the meat slicer he's wanted since we registered for our wedding!
Daddy and his kiddos

Joy learns to flip!

In April Joy learned how to roll over by herself. She learned from her back to tummy and then tummy to back on the same day! After that day, however, she would only do back to tummy. (now a month later she does both). So here she is on her first sucessful roll...I can't believe I was able to find the camera fast enough!
Getting the leg over...
Different angle...Nolan cheering her on...
up on the elbow... and a "good job" pat from Nolan...
I think I did it!
Yep! Look at me Mom!

Branson with the Chamlees

We had a chance to go to Branson for a few days with our good friends, the Chamlees. We took in a day of Silver Dollar City (of's like our Disneyland!), went to Branson Landing, played mini golf and shuffleboard at the hotel and just enjoyed our time together! Thanks for being such great friends guys!
Mikalah, Hope and Grace on the frogs...their favorite!
Nolan, Logan and GuyMikalah, Nolan and Quinton on the train
Mike, Grace and Guy
Hope took our picture...sorry you got cut off Debbie!! Guy, Jen, Joy and Debbie
Hope and Logan
Playing mini golf and the was quite the adventure!
My funny Guy...
Joy and cute!
The Durkees
The Chamlees