Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coming Quickly...

We had a doctor's appointment on Monday and he asked us when we would like to schedule our C-section for this new little one. Guy is now a worker at the voting polls around here, so we asked to have it scheduled sometime after the election. Dr. Mason was going to check to see what the hospital had available, but we should be scheduled to have the baby on either November 5th or 6th...that is, if my body can make it that far. With my last two pregnancies I have gone a couple of weeks early due to high blood pressure. So we are praying that that won't be the case this time. Anyway, that date is coming very quickly it seems...only 11 weeks away...Yikes!! Soon, our home will have another little blessing!

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Fun from the Trip

While we were there, the Olmsted County Fair was going on. We love to go and see all the animals and of course, eat fair food! Like I said earlier, Guy's favorite (and mine, too!) are the yummy cheese curds! He's trying to find a way to bring them to the Arkansas fairs...

Here we take a break to eat and the kids enjoyed playing with some matchbox cars and stretching their legs.

Mom and Dad also took us to Wabasha, MN where they have a neat toy store with a hand carved carousel in it. This is one of Hope's absolute favorite rides so she had a blast! Grace and Nolan looked like they were not having a good time, but once we tried to take them off it was a different story! Grace had a death grip on the pole and was not going to be removed easily! We also enjoyed ice cream and looking at all the toys in the shop.

Another highlight was celebrating our nephew, Matthew's, first birthday and Hope's 4th birthday. We had a great family day together with both my siblings and their families. The house was very "busy", but the kids had a ball together and I think Grammy and Papa were having fun, too. By Christmas we will add 3 more little babies to the Peterson family: Jackie is due end of September, I am due early November and Coralie is due around Christmas!

I will be sending out all of our trip pictures on Snapfish as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Trip to Minnesota

We had the opportunity to go and see my family from July 28th to August 5th. While there we got to see family, celebrate birthdays, go to a Twins game, go to the County Fair and eat yummy cheese curds (Guy's absolute MN favorite!), go swimming at the new Stewartville pool, visit a toy store with a handcarved carousel and spend a lot of time with cousins, Grammy and Papa, and Aunts and Uncles.

Hope was so excited to see her cousins! Here she is giving Maya a big hug.

Nolan and cousin, Matthew, played in Maya's sandbox together.

All three girls played on the swings.

Next onto the Twins game...the kids did great and seemed to really enjoy it! Hope asked where Papa had gone and got extremely excited when she realized he had gone for a HUGE tub of popcorn!