Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Surprise!!

We had a wonderful surprise this last week! My brother, Kyle, called on Wednesday morning and basically asked, "What are you doing this weekend?" I said, "Staying at home...why??" And he said, "We are coming to see you!!" Needless to say I was thrilled! Kyle is a plumber and the job site was closed for the rest of the week due to extremely cold weather and because the brick layers were they decided to drive to Arkansas! They pulled in around 2 am Thursday morning and stayed until after church on Sunday. The kids at a blast together during the day and Guy, Kyle, Coralie and I had a ball playing Hand and Foot each night after the kids went to bed. What great memories! Thanks you guys for taking the time to come and see us...we love you!
Matthew, Grace and Nolan are ready for bed
Nolan LOVED having another little boy to play with! They are only about 4 months apart so I'm sure they will be good buddies!

We had a 50 degree day so we enjoyed playing the kids are playing in our treehouse.

Matthew, Coralie and Jesse taking a little walk.

Aunt Jen/Mommy giving car and wagon rides!

Having fun in the swings

Our adorable nephew, Matthew

Kyle and Matt try out the slide

Our traditional cousin picture!

Matthew, Kyle, Coralie and our newest nephew, Jesse...2 months old on the day this was taken

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Coralie with all the kids

Matthew is so sad that he has to say good-bye! Just kidding...he just really wanted his Daddy.


Our Three Peas said...

Hi Jen!
Those are great pictures! I love seeing all the cousins together! They are all adorable. =) I love that pink jacket on Grace, that was Paris' right? So cute!!

Ash =)

The Miller Clan said...

Very cute...what great memories!