Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some January Fun

Just wanted to share some photos of the kids from January. The first couple are of Joy at 9 weeks. As you can see, she is a girl full of smiles and chubby cheeks!

The next couple are taken in Branson. We got a free trip through our timeshare if we went for a couple of days, so we enjoyed some family time in the condo.

Here's a fun picture of Hope and the twins getting ready to say prayers before bed time. I'm sure they would have loved to all sleep together, but I don't think they would get much sleep!

Here are the kids having some fun wrestling time together...Nolan is always the clown...
Our cute chubby baby Joy...she is a healthy 14 lbs. at 2 months!

Joy at 10 weeks getting LOTS of kisses from Nolan and Grace.
Hope got some wonderful hand-me-down gifts from some friends at church. Included in all of it were lots of Princess accessories for Hope and Joy's room. The cute little chair is fun for Hope, but also perfect for Joy!

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The Greenoughs said...

The kids are all so cute! They grow up so fast!