Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First time Haircuts!

You might think that first time haircuts refer to the twins, but it actually refers to Hope and Nolan. Hope has been needing a trim for a LONG time but she was always to scared to have it done because she loves her long hair. Well Nolan NEEDED a haircut badly and I convinced her to have me trim hers as well. Granted it was only about an inch, but it still counts in my book as her first cut! She sat still very well and didn't seem disappointed or upset at all. Now Nolan was a different story...

I had trimmed Nolan's hair a while back just around the ears and neck, but have never given him a full "cut". His hair on the top of his head had gotten ridiculously the wind he looked like the little old men that do the "comb over"! Anyway, getting him to sit still was more difficult than I thought it would be...I had to call it quits and then I finished the job this morning! :-) It's not a great cut, but he looks so grown up's hard to tell a difference in the photos, but we can see a big difference at home. He's growing up!! Grace appeared to want hers cut, too, but Mommy isn't ready to do that yet...just getting long enough to do cute pigtails!


Our Three Peas said...

Very cute!! Hope's hair is so long!! Seeing Nolan there reminds me of Guy. I really cant wait to see this next little bundle of joy you are cooking up right now! Hope you are feeling great! Love all the new pictures!

Ash :)

The Miller Clan said...

I hear you about the sitting still thing! I am just now getting to the point where Austin will sit still enough to do his! I ended up just using the clippers and it goes MUCH faster! Good luck!