Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Started...

Well, I'm going to give this blogging thing a try. I have a few friends in California that do this and they say it's easy...we'll see about that! Anyway, this week has been busy with Vacation Bible School. I have been able to help out in Hope's class which has been an adventure! Last night we had 8 preschoolers, two not quite 3 year olds, too. They keep me hopping! I think Hope's favorite part is the music. It has been fun to spend time with her and see her interact with her friends.
Our other news is that Grace has started to walk...finally!! Guy got some great shots of her taking those exciting steps. Once Nolan saw what was going on, he decided to "remember" that he knows how to do this and joined in...quite humorous!


Our Three Peas said...

Yeah! I am so excited you have joined us in the world of blogging! It is such a great way to keep up with everyone! I love the picture of the twins walking! They are adorable! Hope looks like such a big girl at VBS. I still remember her swinging at my house while we did our scrapbooking. I wish we were closer....I really need to catch up! :) Can't wait to hear more on how the Durkee's are doing. I will check back often!

Ash :)

The Miller Clan said...

Welcome to bloggerland! Glad to see you are giving it a try! It is a fun way to keep up with friends. Cute pictures! We do vacation bible school in a couple of weeks! Exciting!

Jacobs' castle said...

So proud of you my friend!! Entering into the cyberland of blogging...but you did a great job!! Way to go!! Love the pics of the twins...awesome! I am so glad they are up on their feet, but I know that makes mom's job a bit more tiring!! HAHA Hope the rest of VBS was a blast too! Talk soon.

love you,

dengman said...

Awesome! I am looking forward to seeing your posts :)
da Cokmans

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Blogging is new to me! I look at your pictures and try to remember how busy it was when my kids were young. You and Guy are doing a terrific job! Your children are beautiful. I hope that some day Jim and I will take a road trip and visit Double G & J Ranch.

Later, Mary

The Potts said...

I love this blog. I hope to join the blogging world soon.