Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall Fun

Well Joy is now 3 weeks old and I'm adjusting to life with 4 kids! Needless to say, the blog has gotten shoved to the bottom of my priority list, but I'm taking a little time today to post some pictures of what we have been up to. My mom was here for 3 weeks to help me out and I'm so grateful for her extra set of hands. Dad was here to drop her off and then pick her up. While she and Dad were here we had Halloween, including pumpkin carving and trick or treating, and some leaf jumping moments.

Papa and Grammy jumping in the leaves with the kids
3 days after Joy was born, Mommy still had to be apart of the pumpkin carving!
Our cute little trick or treaters!!
Daddy, Max and the kids enjoying the leaves and the fall weatherMommy and Joy have fun watchingHope LOVES this time of year...just like her Mommy!

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Our Three Peas said...

Very cute pictures!! Oh...I so wish I had fall leaves and not only Palm trees! Haha :) Glad you all are adjusting, I am sure you have a very busy house right now!! My mom is back there right now in Fort Smith at my Aunt and Uncles. I wish I was with her so I could see you all!