Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

We opened presents from our family and Papa Durkee on Christmas Eve. As you can see from the above photo, Nolan, our little ham, was ready!! Grace turned into a little tomboy in the last week, so Nolan's baseball cap is a permanent fixture on her head these days (yes, even to bed when we don't want to fight the battle!). Anyway, we had a fun evening together as all 3 LOVED ripping into the wrapping paper. Joy looked on from her nearby bouncy seat. :-)

Hope was super excited about her princess tea cart from Daddy and Mommy.

Our cute Grace and a present from Papa.

Nolan's "cheese!" grin...including a little supper leftovers..yucky!

Nolan had to hang on to his ball for the rest of the evening (including while he opened the rest of his presents) in fear that Grace would try and take it away! I guess Daddy and Mommy really goofed up buying her a purse and tea set...all she wanted were Nolan's trucks and balls!!

Joy getting her present from Daddy and Mommy

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