Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joy 24-29 weeks

Ok, so it's been forever since I've updated our blog! So here's a whole month and a half worth! Don't stop after reading this entry....scroll down until you hit our trip to Branson with the Chamlees...that's where I started updating today! You can tell it's spring here and we've been outside a lot. I haven't spent much time on the computer and none on scrapbooking...oh well. It is just too nice outside and I have too much to do! :-) So here's our last month in blog form. Let's start with Joy's she is from weeks 24 to 29...
24 kisses to Daddy
24 weeks...enjoying the porch swing together
25 weeks-loves to sit up as much as she can...getting close to doing it all by herself
26 weeks-Joy's one of a kind smile...she lives up to her name!
27 weeks - Now that she knows how to roll, she has become a belly sleeper
27 weeks- Snuggles with Nolan
with Grace
Kisses for Hope
28 weeks- going down the slide with Hope
29 weeks- playing with her toy in bed...she now knows how to move all over this crib!
29 weeks -Sitting up by herself!

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Jacobs' castle said...

CUTE!!!! She is so full of joy you can tell!! Give her a big hug from us -- we love you!